Danhov Classico Flat Diamond Band

Stock # CM113-8

Danhov Classico Flat Diamond Band

Stock # CM113-8

Classico Flat Diamond Band - The design of this masculine and unique wedding band is inspired by the bride’s engagement ring and symbolizes the endless love of his wedding promise. 8mm 0.4ct


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Pricing and Diamond Weight listed is for Mounting Only

Name Classico Flat Diamond Band
Stock Number CM113-8
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Wedding Band
Sub Type Men's Wedding Bands
Category Wedding
Fit Standard

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Danhov was founded by designer Jack Hovsepian in 1984. Their constant evolving line includes many different collections for a wide range of tastes; new designs are monthly to the Danhov line. Every Danhov piece is a perfect work of art, created with the latest technology and inspired by the individuality fashioned in their customers eyes.